Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vintage Valentine Gift Guide : Meaningful Personal Gifts to Win Major Points

It's that time of year again, that holiest of holy holidays that is both loved and hated alike...Valentine's day. Sure, it can be a lot of pressure. Sure, you can join the anti-Vday movement and protest. Sure, you should let your special someone know how you feel all year long. But you don't, do you. Well, don't feel bad, neither do the rest of us. While we wish we lived in a romantic movie world where flowers, champagne, chocolate, and sweet nothings abound, the reality is we have to deal with life. And life can really take it out of ya! So, this Valentines, take this day to focus on that person that loves you all the year round, even while you're sick, angry, or when you tried that juicing diet and made them join in.

What's in a gift? When it comes to gifts, especially Valentines gifts, you can spend a lot of money but meaningful gifts are where it's at. Just looking out for you. I'd hate to see you waste your hard earned dollars. This is your chance to show you've been listening, you get them, you care enough to find that perfect unique gift.

And vintage offers some pretty unique gifts. Everyone loves a special gift that no one else has. From the odd to the one of a kind to the impossible to find to the nostalgic, vintage can be the perfect meaningful gift for your love.

For Him : Oh him, you are seemingly so hard to shop for. Here are some ideas...

For your stylish guy : 
Dress him up in vintage style! You won't find these at the mall.

For your child at heart: 
These nostalgic gifts appeal to your fun guy!

Style his space:
Surprise him with vintage guy style for his pad or man cave!

Sleek Mad Men Bar or Rowdy Pub:
Create the perfect bar area for him!

For her : Valentine's day is easy for guys, right? Some flowers, some jewelry, a little chocolate, what could go wrong. Take an extra step this year. I promise you'll be happy with the results.

Kitchen Gifts: 
If she knows all the cast members of 
the Food Network, you're golden.

Crafty Gal: 
Does she like to make stuff? Get her some unique supplies!

Operation Organization:
Get her some stuff to organize that craft space!

Dark Girl:
Does she like things that are a little bit different?

Gifts for everyone : Whether you are a girl or a guy or just showing a friend or family member how special they are, these gifts work for everyone!

Office Organization & Decor:
Nothing feels better than an organized office, except maybe an office organized & decorated with really cool items!

Original Art:
Original art can be so personal! Not only are you giving the item, you are giving everything that goes into it. (see earlier post on what goes into an art piece.)

Whatever you decide on, don't forget to include a special message in a vintage bottle! They are the price of a greeting card but you get a cool vintage bottle to keep forever. They arrive personalized and I even give you a cheat sheet of sweet nothings to put inside!

Whether you celebrate or not, no matter what you give or receive, I hope you take the time to think about the ones you love this Valentine's Day!

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