Thursday, January 2, 2014

What I Wouldn't Sell : My Special Favorites

I sell stuff. It's what I do. I think my family thinks I would sell my own grandmother if I could. But everything is not just an object to be sold. Each piece has a personality, a story, a history. I get attached to almost every item, even the ones I sell. I'm sad when they leave me but happy to pass them along to someone that will love them. 

Sure, some stuff is just...stuff but some stuff is special and I wonder why these items weren't special to someone else. 

Here are some items that I will never sell. Some I just love, some have sentimental value, some are just super cool and I want to show them off. 

  • Needlepoint Art made by my Grandma, with my Grandpa's signature beer tab hangers on the back. Love these. There is a lot of history and their personalities in these pieces. Since neither of them are still with me, even more special.

  • Postcards that my great Grandmother received dating back to 1901. My grandmother just gave me these. I think she thought I would sell them but there is no way. I do love them and will be looking for some that I am not attached to for resale. :)

  • Jewelry Box that was my Grandmas. The ballerina is missing. The music doesn't play. But every time I open this jewelry box it smells like my grandma.

  • Antique Seltzer Bottle. No sentimental value. Just love the green glass, rusty metal around it, and who knows what the mystery fluid is inside.

  • Enamel Gas Station Sign Letter M. A couple years ago I bought a pile of enamel gas station sign letters that spelled out "happy" and "m". How perfect is that? As you can see, I do not clean off my vintage dust. :) 

  • Antique Mirror. Bought this at a junk store. The framing in the back makes me think it's old and possibly handmade. No stamps or identifying marks. I don't usually like traditionally antique things but I love the decoration on this and my favorite is how the mirror is fading and chipping away at the bottom. I would never find anything like this again.

  • It is downright weird how much I love these corbels. They don't match, the paint chips off daily, they were in a fire and the backs are half burned off but I think that's why I love them.

  • Super cool surveyors tripod which my brother turned into a floor lamp. Love the height, the spindly legs, the different metals and that my super analytical brother did something creative for me. This year I hope to learn more about rewiring fixtures. So many cool things to do with lighting!

So there you have it. I do have a soul.

I would love to hear about your favorite vintage items! Feel free to share in the comments section.

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