Monday, July 13, 2015

The Modern Life of The Vintage Seller : How I Use My Phone For Business

The nice thing about these...

is they don't do this...

But there is also so much more those old vintage phones don't do. Keeping connected with your customers and running your business efficiently is so important when running your own business. Your cell phone is the answer to doing that!

My phone broke this weekend (again) and it was time to get a new one. While going thru the delightful task of setting up the phone again with everything I need, in the way that I like it, I thought I would give you a window into how I use my phone for my business. Keep in mind that this comes from a Type A personality in overdrive who likes everything to be organized and running at peak efficiency at all times. So take away what works for you and leave the rest! 

The phone :

Allow me to geek out on you briefly. Nine years in the cell phone industry does have its effects. I have had a Note for years and Samsung for many more. Needless to say, I'm a fan. The Galaxy Note Edge was so appealing to my desire to have something new and flashy but eventually my practical side won over and the Note 4 found a new home. (See, that wasn't so bad) Must you have a Note 4? No. Almost all the ways I use my phone can be done on any Android or Apple phone.

Set-up : 
You know when you are on your home screen and you scroll to the right or left and there's stuff there? Yeah, you can customize what you want there. This keeps your apps compartmentalized and convenient to keep you from searching through a large list of apps every time. Resist the urge to add everything you've ever used and just stick to the ones you use frequently. That weird game you played once will still be there should you ever decide to pick it up again.

My home page houses weather, alarm, and my most used apps. 

Next screen over is all my business apps.

Next screen over is personal.

The apps : 
There are so many apps to use in the app store. Trying out apps that others use is a great way to find something useful to you. Otherwise, feel free to browse the app store and give something a try. If you find yourself not using it, you can always remove.

Business apps :
  • Social media : Oh yes, the SM word. You've got to do it, do it well, and do it consistently. Having your social media apps at the touch of a button allows you to post any time, on the go, waiting in line, or just watching tv. Of course I have Facebook Pages Manager, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more at the ready.

  • Photo Editing Apps : What do we want? Photos. When do we want them? Now. There are so many great photo editing apps to make sure your photos are fun. I use PicsArt, Rhonna, and Snapseed, to name a few.
  • Apps to run your business : There are lots of apps that make it easy to run your business right from your phone. Here are a few that I use.
    • Sell on Etsy : Super obvious for the Etsy seller. Keep up with favorites, new orders, conversations, and update listings right from this app. I frequently get appreciative comments from customers on how quickly I respond to their questions.

    • USPS Mobile App : Oh, the beloved postal service. Every night I set up a pick up for the days orders, to be plucked right from my front porch the next morning. This has saved me countless hours driving to the post office and the emotional scarring of dealing with postal workers. You can also track and look up prices from the app.

    • Credit Card Reader : The Paypal Here app is so easy and the card reader is free. It's really a no brainer folks. Whether you use Paypal or Square, you must accept credit cards at shows or you will lose money. Period.
  • Apps and features that keep things going : 
    • Camera : All my photos are taken with my phone and I don't do any editing for Etsy. As a vintage seller, I need items to be shown in their exact condition. With the Note 4 rocking a 16mp camera, I don't see a reason to drag out the old Canon and tripod. You should be snapping a photo at all times to use later on social media as well. All photos back up to my Google Drive, making it easy to post to Etsy from my laptop later.
    • Calendar : Things can get hectic. Everything goes on my calendar whether it's meeting with a friend or doing a show. All events are color coded so it's easy for me to know what is going on when.
    • Google Maps : What would we do with GPS? Sure, you might feel better printing out a paper copy of directions from Mapquest but what happens when you take the unexpected turn down a country road on the scent of a hot estate sale? This has gotten me out of a pickle on many occasions whether on the way to a new show, delivering an order to a customer, or hunting down a pick.
    • Mileage Tracking : When tax time comes, it sure is nice to just export a spreadsheet of miles used. Whether you realize it or not, you probably spend a good bit of time in your car for business sake whether you are running to buy supplies, ship an order, or head to a show or business meeting. It's so easy to take a sec before leaving your driveway to enter some mileage.
    • Music : I don't know about you but music goes a long way in keeping me moving and inspired. Your life needs a soundtrack.
Personal Apps : As a business owner, keeping your personal life organized can be just as important as keeping your business organized. As you know, they tend to blend together. I keep my banking app on the ready for account checks and super easy mobile deposits, grocery list app so I don't forget what I need, and my Starbucks app for when I need to be caffeinated (which is frequently). I keep entertainment and news apps like Flipboard, Netflix, and Redbox for those times you need to switch off the old brain.

Maybe you can see why my phone is my bff. Not only does it keep me organized and running smoothly, it allows me the flexibility to be on the go, meeting friends and taking care of family members while still taking care of business. 

Don't worry, there are still lots of fun uses for those land line phones.

I'm sure you've taken away more from this blog post than "this person is nuts", I'm sure. Right? Feel free to share how you use your phone for business in the comments!

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Vintage History : The Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep

One slow unsuspecting day at Pickens Flea Market, I came across this fabulous piece. Pieces like this usually take a while to sell to the right person. Someone with a connection to the piece. But I just so happen to be one of those people so I bought it for myself. Usually, the only pieces I keep are pieces that I know from the time I hand over the money that it will be in my personal collection. I had an initial connection and although I'm not one for research, this piece inspired me to keep on digging!

My grandpa was in the Navy during the Korean war aboard the USS Philippine Sea. So, I've always loved the imagery of the navy and sailors.

The things drew me to this piece originally were the fantastic illustrations of Neptune and Mermaids. The colors and line work are so gorgeous and really get the imagination buzzing with ideas of the open sea.

Secondly, after further research, this was for an initiation into the Shellbacks, with tons of great wording evoking all the excitement of a secret society. 

"TO ALL SAILORS WHEREVER YE MAY BE and to all Mermaids, Sea Serpents, Whales, Sharks, Dolphins, Skates, Suckers, Lobsters, Crabs, and other Living Things of the Sea, GREETINGS.
BE IT REMEMBERED: That said Vessel, Officers and Crew thereof having been inspected and passed on by Yourself and Our Royal Staff, 
AND BE IT KNOWN: By all ye Sailors, Mariners and Land Lubbers, who may be honored by his presence, that [insert name], having been found worthy to be numbered as ONE OF OUR TRUSTY SHELLBACKS, has been gathered to our fold and duly initiated into the 
BE IT FURTHER UNDERSTOOD: That by virtue of the power invested in me I hereby command my subjects to show due honor and respect to him whenever he may enter Our Realm. DISOBEY THIS ORDER UNDER PENALTY OF OUR ROYAL DISPLEASURE. Neptunus Rex, Ruler of the Raging Main"

Seriously, no one wants to piss off Neptune and it's signed by Davey Jones so you know it's real. Definitely two guys you want to stay on the good side of. 

Besides all the wonderful ideas of mermaids, dolphins, sea gods, and pirates swirling in my head, this piece also carries great history regarding the USS Navy, WWII, and the Seabees. The Seabees were recruited for their civilian construction skills and adapted to military needs for naval construction. 

This initiation was for Franklin Rupert Hames of the MS Island Mail, while on a mission of war.

I'm sure you can see why I will be enjoying the history and graphics of this piece for years to come. Truly a piece of art and a history lesson rolled into one!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Luck O' The Vintage

As St. Patrick's day approached, I'm sure that you heard your fair share about luck and the luck of the Irish. The idea of luck is not just confined to those from the emerald isle.

Good luck. What does it mean? It means different things to different people across time and culture. I'm sure when you think of St. Patrick's Day and "luck" an image of this might pop in your head.

Maybe you had or have one of these treasures.

There are many lucky and unlucky items and ideas thru the ages. Let's explore them in vintage form!

To break a mirror will bring you seven years bad luck. We are not afraid of no mirror! We love mirrors in all their forms; hand mirrors, wall mirrors, compacts, and mirrored trays. 

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    Our fate is written in the stars. Maybe it is! If you follow the stars, we've got some great astrology pieces.

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    At the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold. We've got your pot of gold, along with lots of other gold decor! It's bound to bring a little luck.

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    Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Got a wedding coming up? We've got your something old!

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    Tigers are considered good luck in Chinese astrology. What? Yes. I'm sure that a certain football team had this in mind when choosing a mascot!
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    Contact to purchase.

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    To find a penny heads up brings good luck. Let's be honest, money is good luck. That's why this money clip says it all.

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    Whether you believe in it or not, good luck in all it's many forms this St Patrick's Day!

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    Monday, March 9, 2015

    Sold! : A Look Back at Some of Last Years Firsts and Favorites

    So, basically my business is to find things I like...and then sell them to other people. Yes, it can be hard not to keep everything you find! So many precious things come and go. I like everything I buy but I love some things! Here's a look back at some of my firsts and favorite items that sold in 2014.

    First creepy composition doll : I stock a good amount of creepy dolls in the shop. This little guy was my first composition doll acquired. He was so fabulous!

    Favorite little case : I love boxes of any kind ; crates, tool boxes, jewelry boxes, anything that can hold things. This little metal tool box was perfect for an artist case and the yellow color secured it as my favorite!

    Rusty scale : This vintage scale was so special! So perfect in photos. Between the rust, dirt, and perfect green color, she vogued like no one else. Great base to hold so many things. Loved using it at shows! So sad to see it go.

    First Typewriter : This Smith Corona Zenith travel typewriter was my first bought and quickly sold. Started an obsession that continues today!

    First Globe : So, globes have been hot this year for sure. This is the first one bought and sold. Love the simple style and bright colors!

    This industrial medicine cabinet just happened to be from one of my favorite picks. It came from an 1800s house in Easley, SC, owned by a doctor who practiced out of his house. Who knows what this cabinet held?

    Favorite Hardware : Another thing I love and keep in the shop and at shows is vintage hardware. These french provincial pulls were just gorgeous!

    Favorite Suitcase : My love of vintage suit cases knows no bounds. I use them for traveling to shows, displaying at shows, and selling. This lovely little lady in white stole my heart! She was sold and became a table.

    Favorite "someone gets it" item : Sometimes I buy some weird stuff that I know I'm taking a chance on and I'm not sure if it will sell. This miniature garden set, rusty and broken, was one of those things. It sold shortly after posting to someone who had just the place for it!

    Favorite "as seen on TV" : I liked these Cera Mid Century glasses when I saw them on the counter at an estate sale. I LOVED these Cera Mid Century glasses when I saw them on Mad Men. So glad they went to one of my local customers that collects vintage glassware. At least they're nearby!

    Favorite Guy Item : OMG This. This silver and turquoise bolo tie was unbelievable. I make it my business to have lots of guy items and this one was my favorites! It takes a special person to rock this bad ass piece and it found that person.

    Favorite Oddity : I love oddities. If I'm going to keep anything, it's going to be something in this category and I did keep one of these doll heads. This lot of doll parts was probably my find of the year from a local flea market. People couldn't get enough of them!

    Favorite General Decor Items : So many awesome decor items. So here are a couple of my favorites. You will see the white version of this deviled egg dish in every booth of every antique store. This was the only blue one I have ever come across. Surprisingly, I loved the mix of blue and gold! So interesting.

    Amazing brass candelabras! I hardly got to give these a second look before they were in a box and out the door.

    Brass animals figures were also quite popular this year. This gorgeous one was a peacock and nice and big. Great statement piece!

    Favorite Item of the Year : This Burwood Peacock was a last minute grab, thrown on the pile at a pick. It was looking rough. After spending a good amount of time in my garage, I pulled it out and painted it. After researching, I found there were not many available. So this item ended up being a valuable item that I even got to add my artistic touch to!

    I hope you have enjoyed looking back at some of my firsts and favorites from the year. After over 500 online sales, it sure was hard to pick!

    Did you miss out on something you would have loved forever? Be sure to check Maliasmark to find a special pick of your own! Follow on Facebook and Instagram to see fresh picks before they're even listed. Can't wait to see what a look back at 2015 will find!