Monday, March 9, 2015

Sold! : A Look Back at Some of Last Years Firsts and Favorites

So, basically my business is to find things I like...and then sell them to other people. Yes, it can be hard not to keep everything you find! So many precious things come and go. I like everything I buy but I love some things! Here's a look back at some of my firsts and favorite items that sold in 2014.

First creepy composition doll : I stock a good amount of creepy dolls in the shop. This little guy was my first composition doll acquired. He was so fabulous!

Favorite little case : I love boxes of any kind ; crates, tool boxes, jewelry boxes, anything that can hold things. This little metal tool box was perfect for an artist case and the yellow color secured it as my favorite!

Rusty scale : This vintage scale was so special! So perfect in photos. Between the rust, dirt, and perfect green color, she vogued like no one else. Great base to hold so many things. Loved using it at shows! So sad to see it go.

First Typewriter : This Smith Corona Zenith travel typewriter was my first bought and quickly sold. Started an obsession that continues today!

First Globe : So, globes have been hot this year for sure. This is the first one bought and sold. Love the simple style and bright colors!

This industrial medicine cabinet just happened to be from one of my favorite picks. It came from an 1800s house in Easley, SC, owned by a doctor who practiced out of his house. Who knows what this cabinet held?

Favorite Hardware : Another thing I love and keep in the shop and at shows is vintage hardware. These french provincial pulls were just gorgeous!

Favorite Suitcase : My love of vintage suit cases knows no bounds. I use them for traveling to shows, displaying at shows, and selling. This lovely little lady in white stole my heart! She was sold and became a table.

Favorite "someone gets it" item : Sometimes I buy some weird stuff that I know I'm taking a chance on and I'm not sure if it will sell. This miniature garden set, rusty and broken, was one of those things. It sold shortly after posting to someone who had just the place for it!

Favorite "as seen on TV" : I liked these Cera Mid Century glasses when I saw them on the counter at an estate sale. I LOVED these Cera Mid Century glasses when I saw them on Mad Men. So glad they went to one of my local customers that collects vintage glassware. At least they're nearby!

Favorite Guy Item : OMG This. This silver and turquoise bolo tie was unbelievable. I make it my business to have lots of guy items and this one was my favorites! It takes a special person to rock this bad ass piece and it found that person.

Favorite Oddity : I love oddities. If I'm going to keep anything, it's going to be something in this category and I did keep one of these doll heads. This lot of doll parts was probably my find of the year from a local flea market. People couldn't get enough of them!

Favorite General Decor Items : So many awesome decor items. So here are a couple of my favorites. You will see the white version of this deviled egg dish in every booth of every antique store. This was the only blue one I have ever come across. Surprisingly, I loved the mix of blue and gold! So interesting.

Amazing brass candelabras! I hardly got to give these a second look before they were in a box and out the door.

Brass animals figures were also quite popular this year. This gorgeous one was a peacock and nice and big. Great statement piece!

Favorite Item of the Year : This Burwood Peacock was a last minute grab, thrown on the pile at a pick. It was looking rough. After spending a good amount of time in my garage, I pulled it out and painted it. After researching, I found there were not many available. So this item ended up being a valuable item that I even got to add my artistic touch to!

I hope you have enjoyed looking back at some of my firsts and favorites from the year. After over 500 online sales, it sure was hard to pick!

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