Monday, February 3, 2014

My Spots : Finding Vintage Treasures in Upstate South Carolina : BLDG 109 in Easley, SC

A vintage re-seller and altered art artist is only as good as the local junkers and salvagers in their area. As I look at all the vintage dealers, each vintage shop is a reflection of the area they live in. And we have some great little out of the way shops that I love to frequent here in the Upstate of South Carolina!

Some may want to keep their stops to themselves but I don't mind sharing these great shops for several reasons. First, I am confident in my brand. I am looking for a specific look and interest. When you go, you will not see the same things that I see. You will find your own unique treasures! Second, I want these local businesses who have added to my inventory to be successful too.

Today, I am highlighting BLDG 109 in Easley, SC. Owner, Dickie, has an eye for great pieces! The variety at BLDG 109 is one of a kind. 
Part thrift store, part junk store, part supply store, part antique dealer, there is something for everyone here! Last time I was there, I ran into a friend who owns his own computer repair business, looking for parts. BLDG 109 truly caters to those from all industries. When you go in, roll up your sleeves and start digging. Or, if you're not in a digging mood, let Dickie know what you're looking for. He knows where everything is and after a few minutes of getting to know you, can make suggestions based on your taste.

When I go, of course, I am drawn to the old, paint peeled building next door. It's my favorite place to explore at BLDG 109.
Sure, it's a little dangerous which is probably why I like it. Be careful not to fall through that hole in the floor! This is where you will find lots of furniture, stereo equipment, and his coveted piano boards with the decorative brand names that make great art and mantels.

If you are thinking about hitting the road to find your own diamond in the rough, stop by and see Dickie at BLDG 109. If he doesn't have what you're looking for, he'll find it or know someone that does!
BLDG 109 is located at 109 Gulf Street in Easley, SC, right around the corner from Easley's Main Street and downtown. Plenty of little lunch spots to enjoy before or after you shop!

Search BLDG 109 on Greenville's Craigslist. Dickie regularly posts pics of new items there.

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