Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rust and Ruin...Refueled : A Visit To Taylors Mill

When you're trying to put out creativity all day every day, you need a little recharge. Luckily, I had the honor of visiting two very different locations this week that were both refreshing and inspiring!

The first one was Taylors Mill, in Taylors, SC. Greenville is becoming quite an artistic place. Tons of artist communities popping up here and there. If you haven't heard about the latest space in Taylors Mill, you're missing out. Find out more at the Taylors Mill website. The location is simply inspiring, especially if you like industrial space with wood, metal, and rust, like me. Luckily, my guide, Jeff of Memento Antique and Estate Liquidators, does so we hit the good stuff.

Raw, wide open spaces, room to breath, hallways and nooks that beckon, so wonderful.

Naturally, in such an amazing space, there are amazing artists. I got to meet Joseph Everson of Joe's Studio and see his work. Beautiful paintings ranging from classic black and white architectural, to unique portraits bursting with color, and tons of cool guy pieces featuring movie and comic book characters. Just a heads up, he did a Darryl Dixon painting that is signed by Norman Reedus. If you're a Walking Dead fan, you're gonna want to get that. Check out Joe's work at!

Large spaces lend room for large installation pieces. These sculptures were awe inspiring in size and subject matter. 

Here are a couple of my favorites.

First this piece by Allison Anne Brown. Find more about her at

And this piece by Carey Morton. Find his work at

All this creativity needs some liquid fuel and Due South Coffee Roasters have answered the call! Amazing space, friendly staff, and lots of space to sit and conspire. Check out their Facebook page as they work on their website. Enjoy coffee there or grab some fresh roasted beans to go!

I'm sure you can see why my brain was in full on manic mode and almost exploded later that evening and it wasn't just the coffee. Such a cool place with so many amazing things to see! If you are in the Upstate, be sure to keep up with the goings on at Taylors Mill and definitely hit them up on First Friday's.

Just a warning, that feeling you may get is not a heart attack. It's just your creativity being thrown into overdrive.

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