Friday, December 13, 2013

My Walls : Original Art and Vintage Oddities

So after looking at my shop, you may wonder what the heck my decorating style is. You might be scared to see. A lot like my shop, my walls are covered with vintage oddities, some quotes, and lots of ORIGINAL ART. I frequently encourage people to support local artists and I try to do so by promoting other artists through social media and by purchasing their one of a kind pieces. Basically, I would cover every square inch of wall space if I could and with twenty foot ceilings, I have a lot of it.

Here's a little peek into what I have collected and the artists that created these amazing pieces...

  • First, my house features the photography work of my better half, the ones I'm allowed to. For an analyst, he definitely has an artists personality.

  • Left : I always see this artist's work at The Wrinkled Egg in Flat Rock, NC when I go to Flat Rock Bakery for the most amazing brick oven pizza and delicious scones. They do a lot of farm and country type stuff which is not my style but this one, this one was me. Love the dark theme, love the painting, love the quote. It's mine. Artist is Sandy Erickson-Wright. Find her stuff at
  • Right : Both of these are the same artist. Yes, I have two. Because they are amazing. Printed on wood, dark, eery, they draw you in. This artist usually has a booth at Woolworth Walk in Asheville, NC. Artist is Brenda Marks. Find her stuff at

  • Top Left : This piece features a million little multi-colored dots raining down behind the stark white tree. It's one of my larger pieces and it was hard to choose one because I love all her stuff. This artist usually has a booth at Woolworth Walk in Asheville, NC. Artist is Jennifer Barrineau. Find her stuff at
  • Middle Left : Love the wood, love the re purposing that this artist does. Artist is Kevin Stinehart. Art can be found at
  • Bottom Left : What can I say, this little owl spoke to us. A little happy for my taste but had to have him.:)Found this at Woolworth Walk in Asheville, NC as well. Artist is Heather Shirin. Art can be found at
  • Right : This piece is hard core. Effects of industrialism, loss of innocence. It speaks volumes. Found this at Woolworth Walk in Asheville, NC. In case you haven't guessed, you need to check this place out! Artist is Brian Mashburn. Art can be found at Check it out!

  • Both of these are by the one and only Tim TV, a man of many talents including performance artist. We saw both of these pieces at the first performance we caught of Tim TV and his circus. Mark had to have the Tom Waits piece, I had to have the piano piece for above my piano. Favorite status. Catch Tim's work at If you have a chance, catch a show. He performs regularly impromptu downtown so take a lot of cash for a tip, it's worth it!


  • Of course, got to have my quotes. Love them. A little less subtle than art but sometimes you need it loud and clear.

  • Then my oddities. Top left : I have two corbels that I will never sell. They don't match, the paint is badly chipped, they barely stay together, they were burned in a fire, they are mine, I love them.
  • Bottom left : Love wood. Love wood grain. And a little extra nature thrown in.
  • Top right : Tobacco basket. Another one of those pieces that made my shopping companions of the day worry for my sanity. But I was vindicated once it rested on my wall. And I never remove my vintage dust. It's all there, dirt, dust and all.
  • Bottom Right : My brother Josh made me this super awesome floor lamp out of a vintage surveyors tripod. Who knew? Restoration Hardware sells these for thousands of dollars.
I said in my last post, a piece of original art is so much more than a pretty picture. Not only is it beautiful, special, and could become valuable, it is a piece of the artist, their time, their experience, their passion. Get you some.

So there's a peek into a sampling of what decorates my home. Yes, I am the person who hung a horse bridle and reigns on my wall. No, I don't ride horses. But I like it, and I do what I like. That pretty much sums it up.

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