Thursday, February 19, 2015

Typewriters : A Piece of the Past

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. 
Ernest Hemingway

There is something romantic about the act of using a typewriter. The sound of the tap, tap, tap of metal on paper, the feel of the imprint of the type bar, the smudging of ink. All speak to the time and effort of a hand typed note. That someone took the time to load a piece of paper, sit down in front of this dinosaur from the past, and pour their heart out. Font designers create fonts that mimic the look of the typed word but they are missing the feel. Writers are returning to using it for that authentic writer feel. Poets are specializing in hand typed pieces on bits of paper from here and there. Whether you want one to use or just for decoration, they are amazing pieces of vintage writing history!  

One of the things I love to pick up and I try to have at every show is a typewriter. 

This little Smith Corona Zephyr went fast! This low profile lovely was a tight little model with a nice hard case.

Although this Corona Folding Portable no longer worked, it was the perfect accent piece. This model would have seen many a battlefield and news site as a favorite of reporters of the day. Also, the type that Hemingway first started on!

Some of the larger, non working models are still fun decoration and display pieces. Great for holding photos and other fun things!

Royal is one of the longest lived typewriter manufacturers. 
This Royal Mercury is a great mid century model. 
Great hard carrying case with some juice still left in the ribbon! 
Still available at Maliasmark.

I just love the styling on this Wizard Truetype by Brother! 
The pale grey, the low profile, the curved edges...goodness. 
Could be my favorite. Shhhh...don't tell the others. 
Still working and available at Maliasmark.

Getting this beauty was a labor of love. My husband was sick with the flu. It was Valentine's day. I had to drive to North Carolina to get it. But you can see why I did. Color! Forget the industrial greys and blacks. This Smith Corona Galaxie is here to be noticed!
Still working and available at Maliasmark.

So whether you're looking for a typewriter to be inspired, to use as a guestbook at your wedding, to write love notes for yourself or others, or just for decoration, I hope you enjoy your piece of the past!

David Mamet

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